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If you already have one of those rare women in your life who salivates at the mere thought of your cock in her mouth; who goes down on you until her knees buckle under; or who sucks your dick just to get herself off, then stop reading this now.

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You can LEAD her to a place where she enjoys oral sex so much she literally has orgasms just from sucking your dick. Add some pussy eating, a vibrator, your fingers on her clit with some nice slippery moves, even some sensual breast and nipple play on top and she will think she’s gone to heaven right there as she’s slurping your stiffie.

Read on and I’ll show you how you can make any woman passionate about giving — not just receiving — awesome oral sex. . .

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I can tell you how to LEAD her to her oral potential in 3 easy steps.

Women want to know it’s OK to wrap their lips around your cock and go to town, they need to know what to do and you have to overcome any negative experiences from her past.

When you become her sexual leader — with her best interest in mind — my secret steps work AMAZINGLY on your next girlfriend, your current girlfriend, even your wife of 50 years.

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“On Demand Blow Jobs.”

Maybe your lady is not yet enlightened about the joys of giving head? These women often mistakenly believe that only porn stars or sluts like cock. From where they are sitting, cock sucking is just what some bitches do out of duty or to GET something they want.

Quite the contrary! A HOT SEXY MAMA who thoroughly enjoys going down on a guy does not do it out of duty, but because it’s one of her favoritejobs!


Because a properly trained woman truly enjoys the pleasure of a man’s penis. She gets turned on. She can “lose herself” in the eroticism of giving head. Your dick is the tool she uses to make herself cum. And she gets off on making her lover moan and giving him one of the most primal experiences two humans can create together.

If you like to eat a woman out, you know what I mean.

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Who Is Sloane Fox, “Delightfully Dirty Gal?”
Who am I and why do I believe you can turn your woman into a fabulous fellator? Well, first of all, my 3 easy steps have worked for every guy who followed them so far. And they worked on me when my hubby did them to me. I went from thinking about oral sex as a blow JOB, to enthusiastically taking “blow vacations” with my man every chance we get.

“Cock sucking. . .
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My advice will positively affect how many blow jobs you get and how good they are. Plus, you will not piss her off or make her feel weird in any way if you follow my directions. She will feel great about her new skills!

Here’s why my system works. . .

Cock Sucking Is An Innate Desire
A man and woman’s bodies are designed to lock together in oral pleasure. Our mouths and genitals line up perfectly for hours of blissful sucking and licking. Once you relieve her of the programming from our culture that’s covered up her natural lust for your cock, she’ll start calling you from the grocery store offering you a blow job the minute she gets home.

“I wanna suck your cock tonight.”

She’s fantasizing about YOUR DICK in her mouth.


Because Deep Throat Is Based On Deep Truth
There is “erectile tissue” in her mouth, lips, tongue, nose and down in her throat. This is the same tissue that gets hard (like your dick) when stimulated. Swabbing her mouth and throat with your cock will bring her to orgasm, once she lets herself surrender to her body’s natural desire. (This is part of my 3 easy steps.)

Oral sex is a primal desire found in ALL humans.

A NEW Orgasm She’s Never Experienced Before
Even better, the “throat-gasm” she has from licking your dipstick will be a NEW KIND OF ORGASM. When she comes, the orgasmic pleasure is centered on her mouth. She feels it in her pussy, but the EPICENTER is in the back of her throat.

Why A Woman Loses Herself In Your Cock
Once you know how to take her from where ever she is now — a “tight-lipped sour puss” or “enthusiastic but untrained” — to where you’re going to get her with my 3 easy steps, she will have the confidence of a sexy goddess who’s mastered the fine art of fellatio.

Her mouth will water in anticipation as you unleash your one-eyed snake.

The “Blow Job Karma Bank”
If you have been going down on her first (eating her pussy) and expecting her to blow you back, give up. That is flawed logic. “You do me and I’ll do you back,” is a guilt trip she doesn’t want to take. Instead, unleashing her craving for cock becomes as simple as making your dick always available to her. She will want you out of pure, selfish lust.

Where’s The Cock-Craving ON Switch?
I’ll show you how to switch off her programming and SWITCH ON the virtuous cycle of good-sex-generating-even-better-sex. You can lead her to the point where she worships your cock so much she takes her pleasure on your manhood, out of her mind in ecstasy. The desire for your cock in her mouth is inside her, waiting for you to unleash her lust. You will become her teacher, her healer, her mentor, her advocate and her protector in the bedroom.

  • The one thing you must do to get her INNER SLUT to come out and play. Even Goodie Two Shoes AND “The Church Lady” love it when you know this dumb-simple technique.
  • How to trump the “limiting beliefs” that hold her back from enjoying her God-given right to your cock. She’ll have trouble deciding if she wants your cock in her pussy or her mouth first.
  • A heart-melting “done-for-you” SCRIPT of exactly what to say to your wife or girlfriend so she finally understands how VITAL oral is to your sex life. She simply won’t have the heart to refuse you again.
  • Her resistance boils down to 2 basic things. When you know these two things you will be able to quickly lead her to oral enthusiasm. (This is the kind of insider information only a woman like Sloane Fox can give you. Men just do not know this.)
  • A “puppy training” technique that gets her feeling excited about her progress and begging for dick.
  • The “3 Little Licks Technique” — a powerful lick trick that escalates her desire for your cock. Plus the mistake that DESTROYS this trick that you must never do!
  • How to leverage the “Glow Stick Force” to activate her sucking response — your dick becomes a magnet for her lips.

Stop Struggling To Figure It Out On Your Own

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system before you make mistakes that will just push her further away from you and make it uncomfortable between you?

Don’t let the length of this report (just 29 pages) surprise you. Over 10,000 hours of my own personal time and research went into this project.

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  • What to do to make her feel an animal attraction to all your fluids, if she doesn’t like the taste of your semen. . . Even if your pre-cum grosses her out right now.
  • How to exploit the “Spitball Factor” to increase her mouth saliva by 300% in just seconds.
  • The 5 top objections to blow jobs women have — you won’t need to even ask her. — and how to turn sucking your cock from a duty to her favorite “job!”
  • The 8 word-for-word phrases that get to her be your cock-sucking naughty girl behind closed doors.
  • The 2 exact “Manscaping Tools” that make your dick look longer and more impressive (get up to a whole INCH in length ) and as lickable as a lollipop to her.
  • The 4 most powerful non-verbal feedback loops that get her worked up into a frenzy on your cock.
  • What to say to empower her sexual confidence in the exact MOMENT when her cheek is bulging like a chipmunk from the head of your cock. (Did you know this is tremendously important to women? I’ll tell you why on page XX.)
  • The easy way to get her to build a repertoire of sucks, licks, kisses, blows, teases, tickles, caresses and suckles so she starts to “freestyle” on your dick.
  • How to REWARD HER for creativity so oral sex stops being a “performance” and starts becoming EROTIC for her (and you). That’s when you know she WANTS your cock.
  • If you swing right or left, high or low. . . 4 aspects of Body Dynamics — Flexibility, Weight, Height, and Penis Direction — determine the best BLOW JOB SEX POSITIONS for you and your lady.
  • The secret of the “Submissive Suck”. . . revealed! Exactly what to do so she’ll happily get on her knees in slutty shoes and lingerie lapping away on your cock — even begging you to smack her lips and face with the tip of your dick.
  • WARNING — Do NOT attempt the “Chingalinga” Blow Job Sex Position until you work out your communication system for breathing and she’s overcome her gag reflex.
  • Do you know the Gag Reflex is a spasm tied directly to her orgasmic contraction that can release a squirting fluid in her throat AND her pussy?
  • The 8 specific “dirty talk” subject areas you must use to make her surrender to her passion. (And how to make equally as powerful “erotic talk.”)
  • Most people suffer from severely restricted breathing patterns – only taking in 20-30% of our actual lung capacity. Use this “Conscious Breath Exercise” to breathe together AND to allow you to stroke your cock in and out of her throat to maximize her multi-orgasmic pleasure.
  • The 6 possible positions you can use as building blocks for blow job sex positions. (Even the Kama Sutra’s variations are built on this!)
  • The amazing “Sphincter Dilation” that opens the door to deep throating. . . while dampening her gag reflex! (You have to see a real woman experience this to believe it’s possible!)
  • The best feelings are located in the most dense area of erectile tissue in her mouth. Do you know where this is and how to stroke it with your cock for maximum sensation?

This is the EXACT type of advice you’ve always wanted but have never been able to find in the oral sex technique books. “Moves” come easy once she loves to lap your cock. It’s the “how to get her to WANT” your cock that nobody but Sloane Fox shows you how to do.

I’ve held nothing back.

You Are Doing Her A Favor
Her body will be unable to resist these techniques. And she needs you to guide her to her natural ability to enjoy oral sex. Very few women wake up one day and think, “Oh, I should learn how to suck cock.”

Here’s proof: Not a single book in Amazon shows a man how to get a woman to WANT to give him a blow job. The 79 books about “fellatio” — giving oral to a man — are written for women who already want to give blow jobs These are licking and sucking techniques. They don’t tell you how to INSTALL the desire.

Compare that to over two thousand books on eating pussy. Doesn’t it make perfect sense since it’s a man’s role to lead, train and make it OK to enjoy sucking cock? It’s biology. You can’t expect her to proactively learn unless she’s one of those rare women who already likes cock sucking. . .

But you can TRAIN HER with my 3 easy steps.

Even better, I’ve included. . .

“The TRUE STORY of a Woman Who Loves Sucking Cock.”
She’d rather get off blowing her husband than shopping or watch TV. Includes a full description of the clear and viscous fluid that turns white and foamy as she has “throat-gasms” on his cock. Sometimes tells him to drop his pants right where he is so she can stuff his cock in her mouth.

Why You Will Never Go Back To Sex Without Oral
Couples with a solid sexual relationship have hot consensual oral sex as frequently as intercourse. Once you two know how to trigger her desire, you’ll never go back to having sex without mouth-on-genital gratification.

You Will Make Mistakes
A man who represents himself in court has a FOOL for a lawyer and we all know that people who don’t read the instructions SCREW things up.

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“This is great information. You must be the ultimate woman. My ultimate goal is always to leave her happy and satisfied. I want her to have a warm feeling when she thinks of me like hot chocolate on a cold day. Thanks for this. It made me a little happy knowing that there is a woman out there like you.I look forward to reading more of your feminine insights.”

“I am English and not American and I absolutely LOVED your communication style – Open, positive, frank. Also, your emotion, AND realistically good sense and empathy, were really really, really good. I applaud your intention and the place you’re coming from. THANK YOU for writing it; and I say this not just from me, but as if I were a spokesman from all of mankind, both now and for as long as humans exist. R”

“How refreshingly beautiful it was to read your words on ORAL with your man. How fortunate he has U in his life. Training a woman 4 that, is like winning the lottery. Oral is one of the best and healthiest forms of lovemaking both persons can have 4 each other. The cum is full of protein, as is the love juice of the vagina. I just love the bush diving practise. xxxxx”

“Until I read your article, I thought I was imposing on my wife when I wanted Oral.I am so happy to know woman enjoys just as much. Thank you so much on educating dumb men like myself. You are not only beautiful but also an expert in this area.Your husband is SO lucky to have a woman like you as a wife.”

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“I am sure, most of the men will be with me on this that ‘Men who care for their partner and want to give her everything are helpless in giving because they are unaware of the complexity of women’s emotions and how to deal with it. But with your immense knowledge on the subject, many will benefit. :)”

“Thank you for your many words of advice, Sloane. Don’t ever change the way you write or convey to your audience about cocks, pussies, and the like. Thanks, Scott”

“Sloane, I personally love your use of the words – fuck, cock, and pussy. I find them to be a turn on, and liberating. That’s me. Some people don’t like it – that’s them. Maybe we can do a poll- who likes fuck? who like cock? who likes pussy? who cares? From the perspective of some people liking how you are and some not – you’re in good historical company. Buddha, Moses, and Jesus had the same situation.”

“Be who you are girl. Since you have no intention of hurting people or being mean, rather helping people to be freer and happier and more satisfied, be yourself, and share yourself. And continue to fuck with cocks and pussies!”

P.S. You are going to need these too, so I am including them FREE as bonuses today.
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Blow Job Sex Positions

Everybody has sex positions for fucking. Nobody but Sloane Fox has compiled the perfect positions for her to orally service you.

Plus you get The Chingalinga — Sloane’s trademark blowjob position that GUARANTEES your woman comes while she’s blowing you.

If you don’t know how to move her body around on the bed, in the car, on the sofa or the golf course bunker so that your dick slips in her mouth perfectly, it could cause her to become overwhelmed and pull away.

Blow Job Sex Positions takes into account EVERYTHING you need to slide your cock all the way in and have her greedily lap you up.


The 8 Steps To Hot And Sexy Irrumatio

Another word for “face fucking” is “Irrumatio.” Pronounced Ear – Oo – Macho. This is when your penis is in her mouth and YOU are in charge. You hold her head or her hair and pump your cock in her mouth as she takes it. Highly sexed women enjoy this submissive position at times. Irrumatio creates that masculine/feminine magnetism where you are “using her body for your pleasure” and that brings her exciting pleasure too.

Let her lie there while you pleasure her with your cock. . . Hold her down and take control. . . Grab the hair at the nape of her neck and know how to control the tempo and depth of her thrusts and her breathing so she goes into ecstatic orgasmic bliss. Some chicks WANT this and if you don’t know how to do it, you will let her down, instead of getting to hold her down. You don’t wanna make your sexy goddess pout, do you?


Deep-Throating and Overcoming Her Gag Reflex

She’s going to want to take you all the way in eventually. And you have to stay AHEAD of your woman if you’re going to lead her to her cock sucking potential. Here’s what you do. Read this slim report detailing how real women who love cock prefer to deep-throat and why her gag reflex is nothing to be afraid of. If you don’t know the outer limits, how will you guide her there?

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