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Blow Job Sex Positions

Everybody has sex positions for fucking. Nobody but Sloane Fox has compiled the perfect positions for her to orally service you.

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The 8 Steps To Hot And Sexy Face-Fucking

Another word for “face fucking” is “Irrumatio.” Pronounced Ear – Oo- Macho. This is when your penis is in her mouth and YOU are in charge. You hold her head or her hair and pump your cock in her mouth as she takes it. Highly sexed women enjoy this submissive position at times. Irrumatio creates that masculine/feminine magnetism where you are “using her body for your pleasure” and that brings her exciting pleasure too.

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Deep-Throating and Overcoming Her Gag Reflex

She’s going to want to take you all the way in eventually. And you have to stay AHEAD of your woman if you’re going to lead her to her cock sucking potential. Here’s what you do. Read this slim report detailing how real women who love cock prefer to deep-throat and why her gag reflex is nothing to be afraid of. If you don’t know the outer limits, how will you guide her there?

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