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“Revealed: The Secret to Getting Regular Oral Sex
And Having Her Love Doing You.”

From The Desk Of: Sloane Fox
Hi Sweetie,

When was the last time you heard a woman say this to you: “I am so going down on you tonight!”

My guess is it has probably been FAR too long.

As a sex coach who has helped thousands of men with their deepest sexual desires, I am very alarmed at how many wives and girlfriends don’t even like the idea of putting a penis in their mouth.

And yes, women who don’t like giving oral refer to it as a “penis”.

They think it’s gross or it will gag them.

So their answer is to not do it at all.

Which really sucks for you. (Pun intended)

Yet, there are plenty of women who love, even crave, pleasuring their man orally.

These are women who get as much sexual pleasure from giving as you do receiving. To call it a mere “penis” would be an insult.

Look, the reality is…

Oral Sex is Part of a Hot, Healthy, Steamy Sexual Relationship.

If you already have one of those rare women in your life who salivates at the mere thought of your manhood filling her mouth ...

Who goes down on you until her knees buckle…

Or who sucks, licks and laps you just to get herself off

Then stop reading this right now.

But. . .

If you want more blow jobs…

From a woman who actually enjoys giving them to you, then keep reading.

Because the truth is…

Every woman has the potential to absolutely LOVE giving head and even get extreme sexual pleasure from it herself.

You just have to show her how.


The Secrets That I am About to Reveal
Will Turn Her Into an Oral Addict.

Because a properly supported woman truly enjoys oral pleasuring.Sloane Fox

She gets off on making you moan and giving you one of the most primal experiences two humans can create together.

Listen, I’ve sexed up the lives of literally thousands of men and women.
And more than 40,000 guys follow my teachings about generating more hot sex and skin-on-skin pleasure.

And all the most frequent question I receive is from men who just want more blow jobs!

So this summer I finally took the time to create a special guide that reveals the 3 steps that will make your lady worship your cock.

How to make her want to suck your cock It’s called “The Blowjob Secret”

You can have this downloadable report in your hands within minutes.

So many men are dying for blow jobs.
And so many women just don’t understand all the pleasure they are missing!
I owe it to all my sexually awakening sisters who just haven’t “gotten the memo” about the orgasmic benefits available to them. (Not to mention how happy they will make their man).

Here’s just a little of what you will discover in this report:


By the time you’re done with “The Blow Job Secret” you’ll be able to take any woman in your life...

Even if she’s been as frigid as an Eskimo in in the dead of winter...

And turn her into the type of fervent fellator you have always fantasized about.

Now, normally I sell books like this for $27-47 dollars.

Yet your not going to pay anywhere near that amount.

And since this is just being released after months of writing, you’re in a prime spot to save BIG.

That’s because I am in need of some feedback from YOU -- my fans -- who use The Secret exactly as I’ve outline in my new report.

I Want to Add YOUR Success Story

The more stories I have, the more guys will believe they can have on-demand oral too.

So Here's the DEAL

So Here's the DEAL

For a very short time, I’m giving away “The Secret” to making any woman salivate for your staff for just $9.95.

However. . .

I want your promise that you’ll email me your results,
no matter how naughty or dirty they are.
devil smiley

Send me your story, in all its graphic details, or at least let me know you are getting more head now than you ever have.

Imagine what your life will be like when you come home from work and the first words you hear are “How ‘bout a little ‘blow vacation’ after dinner tonight, baby?”
(After all, she’s going to have so much fun with you now she’ll call blow jobs, “blow vacations.”)
Then, imagine how you’ll feel when she yanks off your pants and goes to town on you right then and there.

She won’t be able to help herself because she’s been fantasizing about you all day.

Push-Button Blow Jobs

And if you take action today, right now, I’m also going to give you these valuable bonuses that will take your oral sex life to the next level:

Right now, I’m bundling these three reports with

“The Blow Job Secret!”

Free with your order today.BONUS #1

Blow Job Sex Positions

Everybody has sex positions for fucking. But nobody has ever compiled the perfect oral sex positions for her. Until now.

Included with this guide is The Chingalinga – My trademark blowjob position that GUARANTEES your woman comes while she’s doing you.

Free with your order today.

Free with your order today.BONUS #2

The 8 Steps To Hot And SexyIrrumatio

Highly sexed women enjoy this submissive position at times.

It creates a masculine/feminine magnetism where you are “using her body for your pleasure”… and that brings her exciting pleasure too.

This special bonus will show you how to control the tempo and depth of your thrusts so she goes into ecstatic orgasmic bliss.

Some chicks WANT this and if you don’t know how to do it, you might let her down. You don't’t wanna make your sexy goddess pout, do you?

Free with your order today.Free with your order today.

Free with your order today.BONUS #3

Deep-Throating and Overcoming Her Gag Reflex

When you follow The Blow Job Secret, she’s eventually going to want to take you all the way in and she’ll need your guidance to make her first time just the beginning of years of oral fantasies come to life.

This special bonus reveals why women who do it find deep-throat so compelling and why her gag reflex is completely within her control to avoid.

Then, with masterful grace it will show you how to take her to the outer limits of pleasure and ecstasy.

Free with your order today.If you don’t know the outer limits, how will you guide her there?

Free with your order today.

“The Blow Job Secret” is the EXACT type of advice you’ve always wanted but have never been able to find.

I’ve held nothing back.

You will love watching her beautiful face, eyes looking up at you, full of excitement...

Plus you’re protected by My“You’ll Love It!” Double Guarantee


Guarantee #1: If for any reason you think my report isn’t everything you want it to be, even if you just don’t like the steps or think the pictures inside aren’t sexy enough (the pictures are sexy), just send me an email and I’ll warmly refund every penny.

Guarantee #2: If you actually use the secret and your results aren’t stellar for any reason, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.


Sound fair? So go ahead and order right now.
YES! I Want Instant Access!
Time is Very Much “Of The Essence.”

As I said earlier, I typically sell products similar to this for $27 up to $47.

And once I feel like I have enough “success stories” added to the pile I already have,
the price WILL go up to $27. 

So here’s what you need to do next.

Pull out your credit card.

Then, click on this button below and follow the simple instructions.

YES! I Want Instant Access!

YES! I Want Instant Access!

You, and the woman whose life you are about to change, will thank me for it.

Wishing you lot’s of pleasure.

Sloane Fox

p.s. If you’re still on the fence, you’ll be better off grabbing your copy today.

It’s only ten bucks, you’re more than protected by my “double your money back” guarantee and once I get enough success stories the price will triple. So don’t miss out on this awesome deal. Order now!

p.p.s. Still Skeptical? Here’s more PROOF from satisfied men:

“When she lightly combed the pads of her fingers from the base of my balls up over them to the underside of my penis at the same time she licked my shaft with a flattened tongue as she was holding the head securely and softly deep in my throat I thought I was in heaven.” - Tom

“My favorite moment was her two-handed grip on my dick with her mouth swirling around the head.” - Anthony

“She’s finally touching my taint and squeezing my balls while she loves up my dick. This is what I’ve always wanted.”
- Destin

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